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     Fibercore OPS-The leader in on-site paper services.       As a mobile service, we come to your location!We use a standard loading dock.        Roll re-sizing machine set up and operating.We can accomodate rolls up to 140 inches wide and 80 inch diameter.    A roll exiting our wrapping line after completion. We crimp the wrapper and glue the headers for mill quality wrapping.We can also print new roll labels if needed.

Our service will assist you in the following ways:
� Excess and obsolete inventory utilization
Â�  Last minute job additions or changes
Â�  Ordering mistakes
Â�  Repair distressed or damaged paper
Â�  Consolidate multiple sizes into common sizes
Â�  Repair crushed cores and straighten rolls
Â�  Divide rolls for repulping
Â�  Web width reduction initiatives
Â�  Assist with backlogs on in-house rewinding equipment


Our service will provide the following benefits:
� Decrease the need for warehouse space
� Use excess inventory versus selling it for scrap prices
� Converting without rewinding ensures original winding quality
� We convert on-site and you remain in control of your paper investment
� You keep the white waste for resale (Fibercore OPS can also manage if you desire)


Please contact us for specific references.  sales@fibercoreops.com