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     Fibercore OPS-The leader in on-site paper services.      As a mobile service, we come to your location!We use a standard loading dock.      Roll re-sizing machine set up and operating.We can accomodate rolls up to 140 inches wide and 80 inch diameter.      A roll exiting our wrapping line after completion. We crimp the wrapper and glue the headers for mill quality wrapping.We can also print new roll labels if needed. 

Using the Fibercore OPS Services,
you can lower the overall costs of conversion and use existing inventory to fulfill your paper needs.
The following information is useful to us in providing an accurate price quotation

Partner With Fibercore OPS In Providing The Following Work Site Requirements:
Covered work area with a level floor required with a 25 X 25 work space. Using your forklift, the base is unloaded. Our vertical attatchment is then unloaded.
Our power unit is unloaded.
After assembly, the finished machine ready to service you.

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Power requirements: 480 volts, 3 phase power with 30 amp breaker (future requirements may be 60 amps) within 100 of work space if electricity is not available, a generator may be rented with added costs.  
Minimum ceiling height of 16.  
Roll/Clamp truck to deliver and remove rolls from our machine  
5000# Fork lift truck to use in unloading of sizing equipment (standard loading dock needed)  
Appropriate waste bins for paper waste removal.  

Our preference is to work 10-12 hour shifts and our work schedules can be flexible. (Nights,weekends, etc.)

Click HERE for a Work Site Specification/Checklist sheet in MSWORD format.




General Information

If any of the above is not available, we will work with you to find a solution. Please call us to discuss job requirements in further detail. Our goal is to be a user-friendly provider of our services.