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     Fibercore OPS-The leader in on-site paper services.      Our finished roll end is as good as or better than mill quality.      Our roll wrapping line gives mill quality roll wraps using any kraft wrap.      A roll exiting our wrapping line after completion. We crimp the wrapper and glue the headers for mill quality wrapping. We can also print new roll labels if needed. 

Roll Converting Without Rewinding:  Place mouse on picture for more information

We back into a standard truck dock.The largest part of the paper to be removed is taken off with the first pass.The paper is removed in strips for easier waste handling.The second pass is a slow, smooth cut to the final roll size.The final step is to sand the roll edge. Our finished roll end is as good as or better than mill quality.
Unique, patented roll cutting technology will successfully convert rolls up to 140" in width by 80" in diameter.
No weight or cut size restrictions. All paper grades and basis weights can be converted.
Mobility of our crews and services is an important part of your success. Our strategicaly placed crews throughout the U.S. will come to you in a matter of a few days, many times hours. (Also available in Canada and Europe)
Safe, clean and efficient operations will be up and running within 2 hours of arrival at a facility of your choosing.
Unparalleled operational flexibility ensures emergency needs can be met.

New Plunge-Cut Roll Converter Will Divide Without Rewinding:   Place mouse on picture for more information

With a 1 inch allowance, we can divide a parent roll into two smaller width rolls. Rolls can be divided for resizing, broke, or whatever reason. After dividing, the roll can be resized to a finished roll with new finishing head.
Our mobile Plunge-cut Roll Converter will convert parent rolls into 2 rolls which can be finished to the size of your choice.
At this time there is only one of these machines available so please call us early.
Convert rolls for printing, converting or simply repulping.
No weight or cut size restriction.

Roll Wrapping/ Packaging:  Place mouse on picture for more information

Our roll wrapping line gives mill quality roll wraps using any kraft wrap. Roll ends are crimped and glued. This machine is also for lease or license!
We offer mobile roll wrapping/packaging as a service, or you can buy or lease the machine with training.
Applies any kraft wrap with mill quality tightness and seal.
Adjustable for rolls up to 140" wide, 64" diameter on 3 or 6 inch cores.

Cap Insertion/Extraction:  Place mouse on picture for more information

A solid steel cap we manufacture is inserted into the core. The cap is then expanded using hydraulic pressure. A finished cap that won't slip or spin out.
We offer the best after-market caps and cap installation process available.
Heavy duty steel caps are applied under hydraulic pressure for grip strength, preventing the cap from spinning out.
We can also remove mill installed caps without damaging the core.

Core Repair and Roll Straightening Services:  Place mouse on picture for more information

using our process we can repair 3 inch or 6 inch cores from egg shaped to crushed flat. We take the memory out of the roll to help it stay in round after straightening. If needed, a steel sleeve is inserted into the core then expanded to ensure a round core.
Core repair and roll straightening services offered on a regional basis.
Unique method of core repair takes more time but it ensures proper correction is achieved.
Please talk to one of our Sales Representatives to verify our ability to serve your market.

Other Services:
 Roll Diameter Reduction
 Scrap/Waste Management through Coffee County Recycling
  Purchasing and Sales of excess roll inventory

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